It’s My Birthday

This story is still from PTKI campus
Exactly on May 28th 2016 became one of the most historic moments in my life. On the day I got surprise of my beloved friends! Hahaha I was incredibly excited, they are Mitha, Dicky, Sakinah, Mila, and Khairul. OMG I’m so grateful to you guys. I knew this all must be the creative idea of Mitha. She is very talented in term of giving a birthday surprise and I love her. It was remarkable because that’s my first time having birthday party in the history of my life (trust me). Oh thanks God finally I could enjoy this moment, blew out the candles, and cut birthday cake.


Thank you Mithaaaa…!!

The story began when I couldn’t attend to college because I was not feeling well. However Mitha send a message to me that I must be at campus as soon as possible because there was a sudden and very important thing. Okay I was trying to come to campus about 5PM. I saw nobody at my campus and it seems like all of students had gone home. Finally Mitha told me to get into the new building of PTKI Medan, and I just followed her SMS. Arriving there I only saw one person “Mitha”, she told me to sit down and I wasn’t allowed to go. But wait!! Why did she speak with a sweet smile? She appeared like hiding something and it’s very strange. Five minutes later my other friends came into the room (Dicky, Khairul, Mila, Sakinah), they came to me carrying birthday cake, complete with candles and singing ‘happy bithday’ for me. ”OMG is this real? Is today my birthday?” asked me. You know, Mitha had prepared a very special birthday cake for me and there was my name on it, complete with candles number 19 which’s showed my age. I was very happy because it’s the first one I get. I’m so grateful to Mitha and friends, I love you guys. I’ll never forget this.
Mitha Maisyarah
M. Dicky Pranata Ritonga
Muhammad Khairul
Mila Aulia Siregar
• Nursakinah Siregar




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